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GRA carries a full line of computer hardware & software, at competitive, and sometimes whole sale prices. With over 1700 manufacturers at our dispense, there's almost nothing we can't supply. What's not in stock, can be ordered & made available within a day or two. We'll also drop ship direct to your location.

Buying Factory Fresh

"Factory fresh" components mean you're getting the very latest in cutting edge technology, along with the longest warranty life. For example, when you buy a hard drive upgrade for your PC from a large discount store, the warranty on that drive is "one year from manufacture date," according to drive manufacturers. So, if you buy a drive that's been sitting on the shelf for 6 months, your one year warranty is already reduced to 6 months. Remember, discount stores ONLY hold "exchange only" warranties for 30 days. After that, you're responsible to contact the manufacturer.

Buying a hard drive upgrade?

Most all "retail" boxed hard drives purchased from discount electronic/ computer stores, etc. ONLY have one year warranties! At GRA, we rarely sell "one year" anything. All of our hard drives, LCD monitors, and other components have full 3 year warranties -and we'll honor them for you right in house. By far, this is the best value for your money.

Sorry, no salesmen here

At GRA, you're NOT buying form some PC "super store", where minimum wage employees could care less how you spend your money. You're NOT buying from those "everything electronics" shop, were the sales people work on commission. NO ONE on our team works on commission. There's no incentive for us to sell you what you don't need. We pride ourselves on saying: "We're not sales people, we're consultants."

Buy with confidence

You're buying components recommended by our systems engineers, network consultants, and certified technicians. These are the guys that actually work with this stuff on a daily basis. We've done our homework; researched the product(s), it's manufacturer, it's history, and related technologies. When we sell, or recommend a product, it's only when it's been put through extensive testing in "real world" environments, like in the field.

A note on LCD's: (added 03/15/03)

As LCD displays become more and more popular, many manufacturers are selling them at various prices. If you'd like an LCD display, we caution you, DO NOT buy based on price alone. The manufactures that mass produce these monitors vary greatly; as well as the warranty periods, and manufacturer support. We stand behind ALL of our sales, and will handle most all warranty issues for you during its normal period. Remember, if your computer's DVD drive fails, you don't watch movies until you replace it. If your display fails, you can't use the computer.

Lesson: When it comes to lcd monitors, buy quality - buy once.

We Specialize in OnSite services in networking, client-server, desktop,
and all broadband environments.

OnSite Services

Complete custom client-server
design - including software and  hardware, data storage, backup
solutions, remote access,
secure VPN, and more.

Solution Designs

Microsoft® Office applications, QuickBooks, Adobe® products,
LAN training, and more.

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